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A few years back, when I began investing in the stock market, I toyed with the idea of learning to trade options, but at that time, I used an investment broker, and they managed my portfolio. Truth is I had wanted to be an options trader I wanted everything the stock market offered the money, wealth, all that comes with successful trading and investing. The ability to work from home to buy sell options it's a dream come true.  Last April 2019, I joined an online options trading chat room and never looked back. Here you can meet and trade with friends at home. Log in to chat, to meet the group and see what everyone is trading, mix, and match options trades. Offer trade ideas ask for advice; that is why we are here and for the prosperity of all our members. We trade online options and have a whole lot of fun doing it. We can recommend top option trading books if you need those, but our collective room is the sum of its experience and ready to tap into.

Trading View has a top-notch trading platform, their support has a personal touch, plus it has everything they strive to satisfy your online options trades. I stay away from E-trade charting program; it lacks the versatility of indicators and is still a sweetheart of a deal of only .25/options contract. Here is an idea using E-trade to manage the account and maintain a separate charting platform many of our traders use trade and can teach you. We share many stock options tips and offer discounted options trading courses. We offer option trading for beginners, stock market tips, options trade tips, and online options, classes.

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After the 30-day free trial, no monies down, our current monthly price of less than $30/month. It's your choice to cancel anytime, no contracts, no cancelation fees I suggest the monthly billing cycle. Receive a free daily Newsletter every morning with free trade ideas, good stocks to buy, option class updates. Learn good options to buy with projected hold times and verify stock market news and outlook then follow along in chat to learn what other traders are trading. Online chat offers value and delivers results. We can help and give advice for your investing needs.




I find options trades more profitable than stock trades, let us say, very beneficial, providing you know what stocks to buy today's markets with underlying COVID/economic uncertainties and increased risks and can be challenging to trade. I set monetary goals that equate to my trade plan. I stay with my trade plans even if it means leaving money on the table. We must respect our trade plans and protect our accounts by all means and stack our gains. The knowledge that builds a successful options trader can be applied to option market investing, and in everyday life, I believe options trading helps build character and self-confidence. 

If you do not have investing goals yet, we can help there also. Access to online option class courses is guaranteed for six months after the end of the course, though typically much longer. Trade options as a day trader no need for an investment broker to manage your money an options trader will build wealth faster using online options trading with friends, use the collective source of experience. Inquire to see our courses and start dates with a quick description. Ask around to find one that will fit you or send us a message asking us more. We enjoy teaching, but we appreciate it more, and we feel fulfilled when students dive into the material and get the most out of it and tell us how it has helped them achieve their trading goals. As a current member of the room, I hear success stories every day. 

Enjoy our 30-day free trial no monies down our current monthly rate is less than 30,00/month; it is your choice to cancel at any time no contracts, no cancellation fees, most stay. Receive a free daily newsletter before markets open good stocks to buy options trading tips, course updates, and a synopsis for the trading day. Then follow along in the chat room to learn what other traders are trading. Our room offers value and delivers results.


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